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Universities Portal serves as a platform for all the students from around the world, who are willing to pursue their higher education in a university of their choice.  Our team consists of faculty members, alumni and students from prestigous universities.  
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Countries around the world are developing world class universities. There are many factors which play a vital role in deciding the choice of studies for students.  Universities portal not only aims to provide all the essential information to the students  which they need to study abroad but it also helps students in securing jobs in the affiliated firms around the globe. 

With the aim to broadne the horizon we reach out and connect everyday with new students and universities. 


Germany Job portal

Universities portal has been working closely with HsdC GmbH which is one of the biggest night auditing Hotel managment firm in Germany. We constantly offer jobs to the studntes in order for them to not only cover their daily life expenses but also gain work experience before landing into the job field after graduating. 

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  1. Maha Talha
    As an aspiring naive student from Pakistan, I decided to research on German universities for my Masters. Every website that I opened was in German and I did not speak the language. Despite extensive research, there were so many questions I still had. That's when I found out about German Universities Portal and honestly it's been a blessing. Maroof and team provided an excellent service. They not only answered all my queries but also helped prepare me better about living in Germany. I honestly believe that it was partly through their efforts that I was able to realize my dream of coming here for my Masters. University of Tübingen
  2. Charles Morgan
    I was lost after my A levels and had no idea where to apply for the university. Universities Portal was able to help me out with all the process and today i am sitting comfortably in my warm and cousy hostel room of RWTH Aachen, Germany.