Universities Portal

Universities Portal serves as a platform for all the students from around the world, who are willing to pursue their higher education in a university of their choice.  Our team consists of faculty members, alumni and students from prestigous universities.  
Team United kingdom
  1. Zawar Qureshi
    University of Oxford
    Dept. of General Engineering Science. Mr. Zawar is a crucial part of the team and is a part of Oxford University. He is a brilliant guide who can help you reach your Dream School.
  2. Saad Ahmed
    Imperial college London
    Department of Physics The master of physics, Mr Saad Ahemd is a very supportive and intellectual person. He is always there with a solution for us, regardless of the situation.
  3. Shahab Khan
    London School Economics
    Dept. of Accounting and Finance Mr. Shahab is a happy go lucky person. He will brighten up your day and will give you the best possible options in hand.
Team United States
  1. Nehel Banduka
    Bryn Mawr College
    Dept. of Economics Ms. Banduka is not only a brilliant student but also brilliant speaker and actress. She has many national and international awards to her name and has left her victory marks also in Harvard.
  2. Usman Beg
    Northern Illinois University
    Department of Medicine Nothing is more creative, nor destructive, than a brilliant mind with a purpose.The quote perfectly describes the most creative guy of our team.
Team Canada
  1. Javeriah Mirza
    York University
    Dept. of Global Political Studies Ms. Javeriah is a world champion of scrabble. She is the most confident and diverse girl at work.
  2. Sheza Javed
    McGill University
    Dept. of Mechanical Engineering Ms. Sheza has rather an intellectual past. She has represented her country in several Maths and Physics international competitions.
Team Germany
  1. Katharina Hornschuh
    Business College Ehrenfeld
    Dept. of Hotel management Ms. Hornschuh is doing apprenticeship (Ausbildung) in Germany. This is perhaps a unique combination of work and studies, which is very famous in Germany and Switzerland.
  2. Ali Zia
    Rheinwaal University
    Dept. of Mechatronics Mr. Zia has made a career very fast in Germany. He is the jack of all trades, working as an auditor and mastering the skills in the field of Mechatronics.
  3. Abdulrehamn Shaikh
    University of Duisburg Essen
    Department of Mechanical Engineering. Mr. Shaikh has not limited himself to the studies, he is your guide if you are willing to be a sportsman, singer, or an event organiser. He has knack to do all of it at once.
Team Pakistan
  1. Sumbul Syed
    Institute of Business Administration
    Department of Social Sciences Sumbul Syed is the girl who has named world distinctions to her name in examinations. She is a without any doubt the most passionate member, who has always played a leading role in during her entire education.
  2. Fatema jawed Nadri
    Institute of Business Managment
    Dept. of Business Administration Ms. Nadri is our jack of all trade who has mastered it all is an athlete, speaker, artist who has mastered many languages.If you need some solid advice regarding your studies and job, you know where to go.