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Why Study in Germany?

Germany is a country of diverse landscapes and exciting cities. Science and research have a long tradition and are highly valued today. Germany is an increasingly popular choice for international students.
Since opening its doors to immigrants in the 1960s, Germany has become a land of immigration. Germany is a cosmopolitan and tolerant country. As of 2014, Germany was hosting around 280,000 international students, and it looks set to meet – or exceed – its target of 350,000 by 2020.
Germany’s growing popularity is easy to understand.
The German higher education system is gaining an increasingly strong profile around the world, greatly respected for its consistently high standards and success in combining research and practical application across a broad range of disciplines.

The country’s high quality of living comes with relatively low living costs (especially in the context of other similarly developed nations), while it’s resilient economy offers promising employment prospects, both during studies and post-graduation.
Finally, while tuition fees are increasing in many other parts of the world, Germany’s public universities continue to offer the vast majority of courses free of charge, for both domestic and international students.
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  1. Katharina Hornschuh
    Katharina Hornschuh
    Department of Hotel management
    Ms. Hornschuh is doing apprenticeship (Ausbildung) in Germany. This is perhaps a unique combination of work and studies, which is very famous in Germany and Switzerland.
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    Ali Zia
    Department of Mechatronics
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    Abdul rehman Shaikh
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